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Light Truck and SUV Vibration Diagnosis

The NVH app Includes a database of over 34,632 passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and SUVs from 35 vehicle manufacturers. Just pick your vehicle and go! Can’t find your vehicle in the database? Not a problem! You can manually enter your vehicle’s information and save it for future use. We also support vibration diagnosis for:

Ford F-150 Playback

Does your vehicle have a vibration problem? Our NVH apps take the guesswork out of diagnosing it! 

Vibration Diagnosis and repair procedures for over 276 different vibration sources are included.

  • Step-by-step diagnostic procedures
  • Training Videos
  • Hundreds of photos
  • Backed by 30 years of vibration diagnostic experience
  • Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter resources.
  • Works on compatible Smartphones and Tablets. Apple iPads must have cellular connectivity hardware, but a data plan is not required. Android tablets must have a GPS sensor and an accelerometer. See the Google Play or Apple App Store to check your device compatibility. 
Tesla Model 3

Electric Vehicle Vibration Diagnosis

NEW! We have been working hard to bring vibration diagnosis support for electric vehicles to the NVH app. The result is NVH version 4.0 for Apple iOS devices! We now support 137 EV models spanning almost 20 years. Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Skoda, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, and 49 Tesla Models!

EV diagnosis on Android devices is not supported.

Tesla Model 3 AWD with a vibration

NEW! NVH Version 4.0 for Apple iOS

View your electric motor RPM and your tire RPM as you drive! The NVH app measures the vibrations on your vehicle and compares them to the rotational speeds of these parts. If there is a match, the NVH app will show you red glowing parts on the Vehicle View screen representing the vibration detected on the screen. See the screenshot above.

The NVH 4.0 for Apple iOS devices includes 20 new features and enhancements. Select the button below to see all the new features. 

Commercial Truck Support

Commercial Truck Vibration Diagnosis

We worked with Allison Transmission to develop a quick, easy-to-use, accurate vibration diagnosis tool for the entire commercial truck and automotive industry.

Allison Logo
HD Truck Support
  • Quick, Accurate, and Precise: The app can be set up and ready to begin diagnosis in as little as 30 seconds!
  • Live Results: Watch what is happening as the vehicle is being tested
  • Record while you drive: Record your road test and watch it again in real-time, or pause and go through it step by step.
  • Automatic Diagnostics: Analyzes the road test recording and determine the type of vibration on your vehicle.
  • Totals: Displays the statistics for each type of vibration detected and will break it down by vehicle speed to give you even more information.
  • Share: Email your recordings to another app user (Apple or Android), so they can view your road test results.

This is an easy to use, accurate program for isolating vibrations. You’re up and running in 5 minutes. As a service professional, it saves time and the results are easy to understand. I’ve used other devices that require complicated setup and calibrations. That is not this program.

CA CK on the Apple app Store

Vibration Diagnosis – How The App Works

Turn your Smartphone or Tablet (with GPS) into an all-in-one Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) diagnostic tool! Purchase our new App to use your device’s internal sensors to diagnose automotive, light truck, SUV, and commercial truck vibration problems. The NVH App will identify the type of vibration on your vehicle. Follow our context-sensitive diagnostic help file with solutions to nearly 300 vibration sources to locate and repair the source of the problem.

Video Examples

Watch the two videos shown here to see the NVH app in use. The upper video shows the configuration of the NVH app on a Subaru and then the live results on an actual road test procedure. The bottom video shows vibration diagnosis on a BMW using the NVH app. It also shows 2-piece driveline diagnostics and runout diagnostics on a bent wheel. Finally, see the results of the actual repairs of the driveline and wheel using the NVH app.

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Our App Can Solve Vehicle Repair Issues Faster And More Accurately!

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Your reputation with your customers and with local dealerships must stay on the positive end for your mechanic’s shop to survive.

What if you could solve vibration issues faster and more accurately, saving you time and increasing customer satisfaction?

Better Customer Service For Your Auto Repair Shop

Have you been avoiding repairs because they have to deal with vibration?

What if there was a simple solution that could pinpoint the source of vibration and give you all of the possible solutions to fix the issues with the vehicle?

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Faster Testing - Accurate Vibration Diagnosis - Complete Repair Solutions.

What the app can do

The NVH app is designed to automatically detect the type of vibration your vehicle is experiencing, provided the instructions of the road test procedure are followed.

There are 14 types of vibrations the NVH app can automatically detect:

  • Tire speed-related (1st, 2nd, and 3rd order vibrations)
  • Driveshaft speed-related (1st, 2nd, and 3rd order vibrations)
  • Engine speed-related (0.5, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th order vibrations)
  • Electric Motor Speed Related (1st order vibrations)

Each type of vibration has unique causes. A vibration type is not the same thing as a vibration source. There are many possible causes (sources) for each vibration type. The NVH app includes step-by-step instructions on locating the vibration source once the app has identified the type of vibration.

What the app cannot do

  •  The NVH App cannot automatically tell you the source of a vibration
  • Although the NVH app is excellent at identifying the type of vibration your vehicle is experiencing, you or someone else will need to follow the diagnostic steps described in the app help files to identify the exact cause or source of the vibration.

There are almost 300 possible sources of vibration concerns in today’s vehicles

T1 Diagnostic Help


Turn your Phone or Tablet into a Vibration diagnostic tool! Purchase our new App to use the internal sensors of your Phone or Tablet to diagnose the type of vibration your car or truck is experiencing. There are close to 300 individual vibration sources on a typical vehicle; the NVH App knows each one of them and can guide you through the entire diagnostic and repair procedures for each one of them.

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