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Would you like to increase your commissions as an automotive technician?

Have you avoided repairing vehicles with vibration concerns because they are difficult to diagnose?

Has it been frustrating to work on vibration issues because it is hard to pinpoint the source of the problem?

Are there so many vibrating vehicle comebacks that you cannot earn the commissions you need to support your life?

What if there was a simple solution that could pinpoint the source of vibration and give you all of the possible solutions to fix the issues with the vehicle?

As a Master Certified Chrysler Technician and a Master ASE Certified Technician I have found the NVH App very helpful with the diagnosis of vibration issues on problematic vehicles. This new software has allowed me to accurately diagnose vibration issues on brand new vehicles, verify tire vibration verses driveline or axle problems and to provide proof of tire and alignment issues to customers and manufacture warranties. This is absolutely the best vibration analyzing tool to date!

Skyler Liston

Chrysler/ASE Master Technician, Larry H. Miller Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram of Riverdale

What if there was a simple solution that could not only pinpoint the source of vibration,

but also give you all of the possible solutions to fix the issues with the vehicle?
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STOP wasting time, effort and your shop’s money guessing what solutions are.

What the app can do

The NVH app is designed to automatically detect the type of vibration your vehicle is experiencing, provided the instructions of the road test procedure are followed.

There are 14 types of vibrations the NVH app can automatically detect:

  • Tire speed-related (1st, 2nd, and 3rd order vibrations)
  • Driveshaft speed-related (1st, 2nd, and 3rd order vibrations)
  • Engine speed-related (0.5, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th order vibrations)
  • Electric Motor Speed Related (1st order vibrations)

Each type of vibration has unique causes. A vibration type is not the same thing as a vibration source. There are many possible causes (sources) for each vibration type. The NVH app includes step-by-step instructions on locating the vibration source once the app has identified the type of vibration.

What the app cannot do

  •  The NVH App cannot automatically tell you the source of a vibration
  • Although the NVH app is excellent at identifying the type of vibration your vehicle is experiencing, you or someone else will need to follow the diagnostic steps described in the app help files to identify the exact cause or source of the vibration.

There are almost 300 possible sources of vibration concerns in today’s vehicles

T1 Diagnostic Help


Turn your Phone or Tablet into a Vibration diagnostic tool! Purchase our new App to use the internal sensors of your Phone or Tablet to diagnose the type of vibration your car or truck is experiencing. There are close to 300 individual vibration sources on a typical vehicle; the NVH App knows each one of them and can guide you through the entire diagnostic and repair procedures for each one of them.

What issues have you had with diagnosing vibration, harshness and noise issues?

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