NEW! – NVH Version 4.0 for Apple iOS Devices

With Enhanced Support for Electric Vehicles
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Electric Vehicle Support

Electric Vehicles (EV)s can have unique vibrations.

The NVH app has been customized with

unique features and support for those

types of vibrations.

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Tesla Model 3
Main Menu
  • Quick and easy App setup
  • Pick your vehicle or vehicle type
  • Save your vehicle for easy access
  • Custom settings are available to meet your needs
2012 Nissan LEAF
Tesla Model 3 AWD with a vibration

Electric Vehicle Vibration Diagnostics

  • Select your Electric Vehicle from a database of 137 models spanning over 20 years.
  • All Tesla models from 2007-2022 are supported
  • Enter custom parameters if needed for conversion vehicles.
2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV
Chevrolet Bolt EV Analysis
  • Automatic diagnostics tell you the vibration type detected
  • Want to see what other types of vibrations were detected? Use the Totals button
  • A PDF report can be printed or shared with others.
21 New Features and Enhancements in NVH version 4.0

NVH 4.0 Update 

– Support for Electric Vehicles, including Tesla

– Support for Hybrid Electric Vehicles with a P0-P4 parallel configuration

– Updated database for 2022 now includes over 34,600 vehicles, including:

  – 1,958 more North American models

  – 2007-2022 Tesla Vehicles

  – 5,261 more European models from Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, and Volkswagen.

  – 2016-2022 Škoda vehicles

  – 2010-2022 SEAT Vehicles

– Additional commercial truck transmissions

– Improved help navigation

– Improved vehicle road test instructions for identifying the type of vibration

– improved diagnostic help for locating the source of the vibration

– Easy switching of units (Hz/RPM, MPH/kph, in/mm) on the road test screens by tapping the various numbers.

– Easy changing of the number of decimal places for vibration magnitude by tapping the numbers on the road test screens.

– Improved Vehicle View screen

– Improved Bar Graph screen

  – Change the Y-Axis scale by dragging up or down on the graph

  – View diagnostic information for each type of vibration by tapping on its abbreviation (T1, T2, etc.)

– Improved Live Data screen

– Removed the strobe Light tool due to changes in Apple Hardware

– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Passenger Car, SUV, Light-Truck, and Commercial Truck Support

Version 4.0 of the NVH app supports 

the top 35 vehicle manufacturers in 

North America and the World.


If your vehicle is not in our database, 

enter your own vehicle’s information 

and you are ready for a road test!


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Do you have a Shaky Truck? The NVH app still works great with Commercial trucks, light-duty pickups, SUVs, and passenger cars! 

  • Just Pick your Vehicle from a list of the top 35 vehicle manufacturers in North America and the World, enter your tire size, and you are ready to begin. 
  • If your vehicle is not one of the 34,620 in our database, pick Unlisted Vehicle and enter your own vehicle’s information, save it, and you are ready to begin.
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We worked with Allison Transmission to develop a quick, easy-to-use, accurate vibration diagnostic tool for the entire commercial truck and automotive industry.

HD Truck Support