Test Your Own Vehicle

Have you been frustrated when you know something is wrong with your car or truck, but your dealership or mechanic never seems to solve the issue fully?

Have you had your wheels balanced over and over, but your car or truck is still shaking?

Has your dealer or mechanic recommended and had you replace expensive parts, but nothing seems to work?

Are you worried about the value of your vehicle or, even worse, the safety of yourself and your family?

Actual defects in parts may cause vibrations in your vehicle, a deterioration that may lead to expensive replacements, or even warranty issues that may cause you to end up driving a worthless vehicle.

Vibrations NVH APP will Diagnose

There are close to 300 individual sources of a vibration on today’s vehicles. The NVH App can tell you the type of vibration your vehicle is experiencing and then guide you through the entire diagnostic and repair procedures for each one of them. The following list of common vibration complaints can all be diagnosed using the NVH app.

Common Vibration Complaints

  1. Vibrations that can be felt in the steering wheel
  2. Vibrations that can be felt in the floor of the vehicle
  3. Vibrations that can be felt in the dashboard of the vehicle
  4. Vibrations that can be felt in the Seat
  5. Steady vibrations
  6. Pulsating vibrations
  7. Vibrations that get worse with increased engine speed
  8. Vibrations that get worse with decreased vehicle speed
  9. Vibrations that occur always while driving
  10. Vibrations that occur while accelerating
  11. Vibrations that occur while decelerating
  12. Vibrations that only occurs at one vehicle speed only
  13. Vibrations that can be felt and heard
  14. Vibrations that can be felt but not heard

Supported Vehicle Types

  1. Car Vibrations
  2. Light Duty Truck Vibrations (Class 1-3)
  3. Medium Duty Truck vibrations (Class 4-5)
  4. Heavy Duty Truck vibrations (Class 6-8)
  5. Trailer vibrations
  6. Front Wheel Drive vibrations
  7. Rear Wheel Drive vibrations
  8. All Wheel Drive vibrations
  9. Four Wheel Drive vibrations
  10. Crossover All Wheel Drive vibrations
  11. Crossover Four Wheel Drive vibrations
  12. Hybrid Vehicle vibrations
  13. Electric Vehicle vibrations
  14. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  15. Custom Cars
  16. Custom Trucks
  17. Hot Rods
  18. Speciality Vehicles

General Vibration Sources

  1. Gasoline Engine Vibrations
  2. Diesel Engine vibrations
  3. Compressed Natural Gas Engine vibrations
  4. Normal engine vibrations
  5. Abnormal engine vibrations
  6. Automatic Transmission vibrations
  7. Automatic Transaxle vibrations
  8. Manual Transmission vibrations
  9. Transfer Case vibrations
  10. Center Differential vibrations
  11. Driveshaft vibrations
  12. Driveline vibrations
  13. Axle vibrations
  14. Differential vibrations
  15. Electric Motor vibrations

Ask your dealership or shop if they can test the vibration in your car or truck with the NVH app.

Just as your cell phone can detect your location and speed, with our app measuring your vehicle, your mechanic or dealer will be able to not only pinpoint the location and parts to be fixed but tell them how to fix the issues.

If you are a semi-truck driver or own a fleet of vehicles, you can use NVH yourself to test the condition of your fleet and make sure no impending expensive repairs are coming.


As a Master Certified Chrysler Technician and a Master ASE Certified Technician I have found the NVH App very helpful with the diagnosis of vibration issues on problematic vehicles. This new software has allowed me to accurately diagnose vibration issues on brand new vehicles, verify tire vibration verses driveline or axle problems and to provide proof of tire and alignment issues to customers and manufacture warranties. This is absolutely the best vibration analyzing tool to date!

Skyler Liston

Chrysler/ASE Master Technician, Larry H. Miller Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram of Riverdale

Have you invested in a classic or luxury car?

Our app will work even if you own a 1965 Ford Mustang or a new 2018 BMW!

What the app can do

The NVH app is designed to automatically detect the type of vibration your vehicle is experiencing, provided the instructions of the road test procedure are followed.

There are 14 types of vibrations the NVH app can automatically detect:

  • Tire speed-related (1st, 2nd, and 3rd order vibrations)
  • Driveshaft speed-related (1st, 2nd, and 3rd order vibrations)
  • Engine speed-related (0.5, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th order vibrations)
  • Electric Motor Speed Related (1st order vibrations)

Each type of vibration has unique causes. A vibration type is not the same thing as a vibration source. There are many possible causes (sources) for each vibration type. The NVH app includes step-by-step instructions on locating the vibration source once the app has identified the type of vibration.

What the app cannot do

  •  The NVH App cannot automatically tell you the source of a vibration
  • Although the NVH app is excellent at identifying the type of vibration your vehicle is experiencing, you or someone else will need to follow the diagnostic steps described in the app help files to identify the exact cause or source of the vibration.

There are almost 300 possible sources of vibration concerns in today’s vehicles

T1 Diagnostic Help


Turn your Phone or Tablet into a Vibration diagnostic tool! Purchase our new App to use the internal sensors of your Phone or Tablet to diagnose the type of vibration your car or truck is experiencing. There are close to 300 individual vibration sources on a typical vehicle; the NVH App knows each one of them and can guide you through the entire diagnostic and repair procedures for each one of them.

What issues have you had with diagnosing vibration, harshness and noise issues?

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