Enhanced Support for Commercial Trucks

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We worked with Allison Transmission to develop a quick, easy-to-use, accurate vibration diagnostic tool for the entire commercial truck and automotive industry.

  • Quick and easy App setup
  • Easy access Start/Stop Recording button
  • Set Bookmarks while on the road test to mark significant events
  • Audio bookmarks are optional
  • Skip to your bookmarks during playback
  • Skip to each detected vibration during playback
  • Email your road test to another app user
  • Email a PDF report of the analysis
  • Detailed PDF report of road test
  • Vehicle details
  • Diagnostic results
  • View breakdown by vibration type
  • View breakdown by vehicle speed
25 New Features and Enhancements


  1. Bookmarks: set bookmarks during your road test (with optional audio recording) and skip to your bookmarks during playback.
  2. Quick Save: start and stop new recordings immediately while on the go without naming them or viewing the analysis right away.
  3. HD Truck Transmissions: Pick your class 4-8 truck transmission from a list instead of manually entering all the ratios
  4. PDF Report: print, email, or save a new PDF report showing all the details from the analysis and more.
  5. Analysis Comparison: directly compare the values of two recordings to see the difference after your repairs.
  6. Manual Engine RPM slider in the vehicle view screen
  7. Improved RPM sliders on vehicle view, live graph and live data screens
  8. Live Information windows on the live graph and live data screens
  9. Ability to hide live information windows on the live graph and live data screens
  10. The enhanced bar graph on the live graph screen
  11. Saved recordings are now listed from the most recent to the least recent.


  1. Enable/Disable analysis of each part group.
  2. Disable/Enable 3rd Order Tire Speed Related vibration analysis for class 4-8 trucks.
  3. Custom amplitude threshold level.
  4. Enable/Disable bookmark audio recording and configure recording length.
  5. Enable/Disable quick save recordings


  1. Version number added to the warning screen.
  2. The recordings list now shows the most recent recordings at the top and shows more details.
  3. Playback user interface improved. Allows skipping to next/previous vibration/bookmark.
  4. Removed analysis graph for technical reasons (May return in a future update. Let us know if you miss it!)
  5. Improved user interface for the live graph and the live data screens.
  6. Data export now defaults to a new NVH format. CSV data export is still available for backward compatibility but does not support new features and may be removed in the future.
  7. Vehicle View screen now has a manual RPM slider when in manual RPM mode.
  8. Improved amplitude averaging algorithm.
  9. Access diagnostic help from totals screens

Commercial Truck Support

Commercial trucks have unique vibrations.

The NVH app has been customized with

unique features and support for those

types of vibrations.

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Light-Duty Trucks and Cars

Commercial Truck vibration diagnostics will benefit from the Nexiq Blue-Link Mini or the new Nexiq Blue-Link to read engine RPM from the data bus.

The NVH app supports Class 4-8 Commercial trucks from 2001 through today (Black or Green 9-pin DLC J1939 with 250kbps and Green 9-pin DLC J1939 with 500kbps).

  • Quick and easy App setup
  • Pick your vehicle or vehicle type
  • Save your vehicle for easy access
  • Custom settings to meet your needs

Commercial Truck Users

  • Select your transmission from a database of 948 models spanning over 20 years of trucks
  • Enter custom parameters if needed
  • Automatic diagnostics tell you the vibration type detected
  • Want to see what else was vibrating? Use the Totals button
  • Disable vibration types you do not want to see.

Passenger Car, SUV, and Light-Truck Support

Version 3.2 of the NVH app still supports 

the top 33 vehicle manufacturers in 

North America.


If your vehicle is not in our database, 

enter your own vehicle’s information 

and you are ready for a road test!


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Do you have a Shaky Truck? The NVH app works great with light-duty pickups, SUVs, and passenger cars! 

  • Just Pick your Vehicle from a list of the top 33 vehicle manufacturers in North America and the World, enter your tire size, and you are ready to begin. 
  • If your vehicle is not one of the 34,520 in our database, pick Unlisted Vehicle and enter your own vehicle’s information, save it, and you are ready to begin.