Vibration Repair Stories

Diagnose and Repair Vehicles that Nobody Else Can!

As an automotive Professor for the last 31 years, I have been involved in diagnosing vibration problems on many “can’t be fixed” vehicles. Each of these vehicles had already been “diagnosed” at repair shops or dealership service departments. Each of these vehicles has had repairs attempted, and many have had parts replaced. Some of these vehicles had even been repurchased from the customer, sold to another customer, or even donated to the school at which I teach to get them off the road.  – John D. Kelly – Vibrate Software, Inc.

NVH App and the Clutch Replacement Vibration

NVH App and the Clutch Replacement Vibration

Several years ago I received a phone call from a service manager of a local new car/truck dealership requesting help diagnosing a vibration on a used pickup truck they had sold. Their service department had tried several things to repair the vibration, but they were unsuccessful. This truck had a manual transmission.

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Amplitude Anxiety

Amplitude Anxiety

Many years ago when I was a service technician at a Cadillac/Oldsmobile dealership, I occasionally worked on customer vehicles with vibration or noise concerns.

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Vibrations the NVH APP will Diagnose

There are close to 300 individual vibration sources on a typical vehicle; the NVH App knows each one of them and can guide you through the entire diagnostic and repair procedures for each one of them. The following common vibration complaints can be diagnosed using the NVH app.

Common Vibration Complaints

  1. Vibrations that can be felt in the steering wheel
  2. Vibrations that can be felt on the floor of the vehicle
  3. Vibrations that can be felt in the dashboard of the vehicle
  4. Vibrations that can be felt in the Seat
  5. Steady vibrations
  6. Pulsating vibrations
  7. Vibrations that get worse with increased engine speed
  8. Vibrations that get worse with decreased vehicle speed
  9. Vibrations that always occur while driving
  10. Vibrations that occur while accelerating
  11. Vibrations that occur while decelerating
  12. Vibrations that only occurs at one vehicle speed only
  13. Vibrations that can be felt and heard
  14. Vibrations that can be felt but not heard

Supported Vehicle Types

  1. Car Vibrations
  2. Light Duty Truck Vibrations (Class 1-3)
  3. Medium-Duty Truck vibrations (Class 4-5)
  4. Heavy Duty Truck vibrations (Class 6-8)
  5. Trailer vibrations
  6. Front-Wheel Drive vibrations
  7. Rear Wheel Drive vibrations
  8. All-Wheel Drive vibrations
  9. Four Wheel Drive vibrations
  10. Crossover All Wheel Drive vibrations
  11. Crossover Four Wheel Drive vibrations
  12. Hybrid Vehicle vibrations
  13. Electric Vehicle vibrations
  14. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  15. Custom Cars
  16. Custom Trucks
  17. Hot Rods
  18. Specialty Vehicles

General Vibration Sources

  1. Gasoline Engine Vibrations
  2. Diesel Engine vibrations
  3. Compressed Natural Gas Engine vibrations
  4. Normal engine vibrations
  5. Abnormal engine vibrations
  6. Automatic Transmission vibrations
  7. Automatic Transaxle vibrations
  8. Manual Transmission vibrations
  9. Transfer Case vibrations
  10. Center Differential vibrations
  11. Driveshaft vibrations
  12. Driveline vibrations
  13. Axle vibrations
  14. Differential vibrations
  15. Electric Motor vibrations