NOTICE: This software is no longer being updated with new model information. We recommend the NVH App as a replacement for the Vibrate 5.1 software and an Electronic Vibration Analyzer (EVA)

Vibrate 5.1 Software for Windows XP through Windows 10

Two tools are needed to effectively use Vibrate 5.1
  1. An engine RPM measuring device such as one of the following:
    • An engine tachometer in the automobile or truck.
    • An automobile scan-tool to read engine RPM from the engine data list.  There are several aftermarket and vehicle manufacturer PC USB based scan tools available for anyone to purchase.
  2. A vibration frequency and amplitude measuring device such as:
    • The  J-38792 (old number), or J-38792-A  or CH-38792 Electronic Vibration Analyzer (EVA-2)**. Watch this HD video about using the EVA with Vibrate 5.1
  • A Briggs & Stratton Syrometer/tachometer part number 19200. 
    • This tool is difficult to use and limited in it’s frequency range, but it is less than $40.00 US.  It can be ordered from Briggs & Stratton.  Simply turn the dial to the expected vibration frequency and wait for the wire to vibrate.  If it does vibrate, you have a frequency match.

Watch this HD video about using the Syrometer with Vibrate 5.1

  • Any equivalent device that will read vibration frequency and amplitude.
The following tools have been discontinued, but can be found on eBay and other online sellers of used tools.
  • The 014-00344  Electronic Vibration Analyzer (EVA)*.
  • The OTC OT38793 (old number) or J-38792-A Electronic Vibration Analyzer (EVA)***.
  • The Bosch (Formerly Vetronix) MTS 4100 Noise, Vibration and Harshness Analyzer ****

**For more information on the Kent-Moore J-38792-A EVA,
call 1-800-345-2233.