The following Fiat vehicles are directly supported:

  • 2012-2022 models are included in the “Pick Your Vehicle” database of the NVH app. This includes 91 unique vehicle profiles of the following models:
    • 124 Spider
    • 500
    • 500 Abarth
    • 500c Abarth
    • 500e EV
    • 500L
    • 500X
  • 2011 and older model years are supported in the “Unlisted Vehicle” section of the NVH app, but require the user to provide their own gear ratios and tire size(s).

NOTICE: Electric Vehicles (EV) have fewer moving parts than a traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and transmission equipped vehicle. There is still a possibility of an EV experiencing a tire speed related vibration or an electric motor speed related vibration. The NVH app is great at detecting tire speed related vibrations, but detecting electric motor speed related vibrations has some limitations depending on the vehicle’s gear reduction gear ratio and the hardware in your phone or tablet**.

Although electric motor vibrations are very rare on vehicles, the electric motors in some electric vehicles rotate at a very high RPM at highway vehicle speeds. The ability of the NVH app to measure electric motor vibrations above 100 Hz (6000 RPM) can be limited by the iPhone hardware, not the app. Many Android phones/tablets have the ability to measure higher frequencies than 100 Hz. It is possible that electric motor vibrations will be detectable at lower vehicle speeds.

**Apple iOS devices with NVH version 4.0 or higher are electric vehicle ready. Android devices with NVH for Android version 3.3 will also be updated to 4.0 in 2022 to work with electric vehicles.