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NEW! - The NVH App is here!

Turn your iPhone or iPad (Cellular Model) into an all-in-one Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) diagnostic tool! Purchase our new App to use the internal sensors of your iPhone or iPad (Cellular model) to diagnose automotive and truck vibration problems. The NVH App will identify the source of your vibration. Just follow our enhanced context-sensitive diagnostic help file developed from our 25 years of vibration diagnostic experience to locate and repair the problem.

An Android Version of the NVH App will be released in late summer 2016.

Attention Vehicle Manufacturers: we will add your vehicles to our NVH App upon your request. email


Road Test Procedure


NVH App Overview

Engine Vibrations

Vibrate 5.1 2015 Version

Our PC Software line which has been available since 1994 is still available for previous customers and anyone who has another vibration diagnostic tool. The 2015 model year help file database is complete with THOUSANDS of gear ratios in the database. Video Training sections of the Help file were added with detailed diagnostic instructions. Detroit Transmissions and Axle gear ratio support was added. The 2015 Edition of Vibrate 5.1 brings you seventeen detailed training videos on various vibration diagnostic topics. Select "Store" in the menu to purchase the Vibrate 5.1 Software.


Vibrate Software, Inc. has been producing vibration diagnosis software since 1994. Our clients have included Ford, General Motors, AM General, Michelin Tires, Freightliner Trucks, and Daimler Trucks. Vibrate Software, Inc. has also collaberated on specialty projects with Hunter Engineering and Pico Technology.


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